Golf Technique

Golf Techniques – Short Game Sense

The best golf technique is not to take unnecessary risks.  Playing good golf is about considering the  chances of success of a planned shot. This holds good for all parts of the game particularly your short game.  It is where many people come unstuck.  There are few basic rules that  help you choose which clubs […]

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Improve Your Swing

I wrote a few days ago about the Dream Swing, an excellent training aid for improving your swing, probably the most important golf technique there is. I’ve had several queries asking for more information so in the firm belief that a picture is worth a thousand words I’ve put a video here for you to […]

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Golf Technique – The Value of a Crib Sheet

At the end of a bad round do you just throw your clubs down or do you think what golf technique might help you.  Most of us throw the clubs in the back of the car rather than thinking about how we hold them, or other small things of that nature. For example your grip […]

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